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11 Best Jamaican Coffee Brands With A Flavorful Taste

If you’re a coffee lover on the hunt for the best sips, Jamaica’s Blue Mountain region might just be your treasure trove. This little slice of heaven punches way above its weight in the coffee world, churning out beans that are in high demand globally.

We’re not just talking any beans here, these Jamaican gems offer a taste that’s smooth, rich, and downright delicious.

We all want the real deal when it comes to our daily brew, and Jamaican coffee brands deliver just that. They’ve earned a spot at the top alongside the world’s best coffee for good reason.

Each brand has its unique flair, but they all share one thing: a commitment to quality that keeps us coming back for that second cup and maybe a third.

Lucky for us, the rising popularity of Jamaican coffee means we get to choose from a variety of brands. Whether you prefer your coffee with bright, citrus notes or a full-bodied flavor, there’s a Jamaican brand that’s got you covered.

The 11 Best Jamaican Coffee Brands

We’ve compiled a list of the 11 best Jamaican coffee brands that you’ll love. Dive deep into our extensive list as we describe each aspect of the brands.

1. Dancing Moon Coffee

When you’re exploring the world of premium coffee, Dancing Moon coffee stands out as a renowned choice. Its exclusive growth in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica contributes to its unique taste profile, which includes a full-bodied flavor that’s both smooth and mildly acidic. This coffee is characterized by a bright yet balanced acidity, contributing to its highly sought-after status.

  • Growth Region: Exclusive to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.
  • Flavor Profile: Full-bodied, moderate to bright acidity, sweet floral aromas, typically medium roast.
  • Altitude: Thrives at 3,000 to 5,500 feet.
  • Certification: Look for the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica’s certification for authenticity.
1. Dancing Moon Coffee

2. High Mountain Supreme

When you’re exploring the rich landscape of Jamaican coffee, High Mountain Supreme should definitely be on your radar. This coffee varietal is typically grown at altitudes around 600 meters above sea level, positioning it just below the more well-known Blue Mountain coffee in terms of elevation.

The beans from the Baronhall Estate, for example, are recognized for their high quality. Your palate can appreciate the smooth and full-bodied flavor of High Mountain Supreme, which is similar to that of its elevated counterpart, Blue Mountain, yet often comes at a more accessible price point.

  • Altitude: Grown around 600 meters above sea level.
  • Flavor Profile: Smooth, full-bodied with light to medium acidity, pleasant and clean aroma.
  • Certification: Meets the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica’s standards.
2. High Mountain Supreme

3. Peaberry Coffee

When you explore the world of Jamaican coffee, you’ll find peaberry coffee stands out for its rarity and distinctive flavor. Typically, coffee berries contain two seeds, but in the case of peaberry coffee, each berry yields only one round, pea-shaped bean. This singular seed is thought to absorb more nutrients, providing a potential boost in flavor.

Among Jamaican coffee brands, you might encounter Wallenford Estate, revered for its peaberry coffee. These beans originate from the Jamaican Blue Mountain region, known for its ideal coffee-growing conditions, such as high altitude, rich soil, and ample shade.

  • Unique Aspect: It contains only one round bean per berry, which is believed to enhance flavor.
  • Growth Region: Jamaican Blue Mountain region.
  • Flavor Profile: Full-bodied, moderate brightness, sweet aroma.
  • Altitude: Best grown between 3,000 and 5,500 feet.
3. Peaberry Coffee

4. Volcanica Coffee

When you seek a premium experience with Jamaican coffee, Volcanica Coffee stands out. This brand is committed to offering authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, ensuring you get a genuine taste of the renowned coffee region.

  • Origins: Sourced directly from the renowned Wallenford Estate, Volcanica’s beans embody the lush, natural environment of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain range.
  • Flavor Profile: Your cup is characterized by an intense, bold aroma with a balance of good acidity and exquisite flavor. Expect a clean and refined taste with an unusual sweetness backed by an excellent body, as described in their product details.
  • Selection: Choose from a variety of options such as whole bean or ground, depending on your preference for preparation at home.
  • Freshness: Roasted upon order, your coffee arrives fresh, unlocking the vibrant flavors and aromas that make this coffee so sought after.
  • Certification: Volcanica ensures that their coffee is certified, this is done by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, a mark of authenticity and quality.
4. Volcanica Coffee

5. Green Coffee Traders

When you’re looking for authentic Jamaican coffee, Green Coffee Traders is a key name that stands out. They specialize in sourcing green, un-roasted coffee beans, particularly those from Jamaica Blue Mountain. Known for its commitment to quality, this supplier offers coffee enthusiasts like yourself the opportunity to purchase green beans for home roasting.

  • Product Focus: Green, un-roasted Jamaica Blue Mountain beans.
  • Quality: 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain, Grade 1 Coffee.
  • Flavor Profile: Full body, nutty, chocolatey, sweet aftertaste.
  • For Home Roasting: Offers beans for those interested in home roasting.
5. Green Coffee Traders

6. Wallenford Estate

Wallenford Estate is renowned for producing some of the most prestigious Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. You’ll find that Wallenford’s coffee offerings are deeply rooted in Jamaican coffee history and tradition.

  • Location & Climate: 2,300 meters above sea level, cool and misty climate.
  • Flavor Profile: Balanced cup with mild acidity hints of herbs and nuts.
  • Products: Peaberry and premium single-origin coffees.
6. Wallenford Estate

7. Clifton Mount

Situated at a breathtaking altitude of 4500 feet above sea level, nestled on the eastern slope of Saint Catherine’s Peak, Clifton Mount Estate stands as both an agricultural marvel and a stronghold of Jamaican coffee heritage. Your journey into the heart of the Blue Mountains uncovers Clifton Mount as a prime example of excellence in coffee cultivation.

  • Location: Eastern slopes of the Jamaica Blue Mountains, 4500ft above sea level.
  • Sustainability: Known for sustainable practices.
  • Flavor Profile: Brightness and fruit-forward notes.

8. Jablum Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is world famous and well known for its exceptional quality and rich flavor. One of your finest choices in this category is Jablum Coffee, a brand that captures the essence of these highly sought-after beans.

  • Authenticity: 100% Authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.
  • Distinct Flavor: Full-bodied with moderate brightness.
  • Origin: Mavis Bank Coffee Factory.
  • Product Selection: Whole beans, ground coffee, and instant coffee.
8. Jablum Coffee

9. Magnum Exotics Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Magnum Exotics offers a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Blend that presents a more accessible option for those wanting to enjoy the taste of this renowned coffee without the typically high cost. Their blend combines the sought-after qualities of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with beans from other regions, resulting in a balanced and enjoyable cup.

The brand is committed to making this luxury more attainable, and your experience with their blend will offer an inviting aroma and flavor profile that is both fresh and strong without overtaking the palate with bitterness. It’s a deliberate balance that aficionados and newcomers to Jamaican coffee can appreciate.

  • Blend: Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Blend for a more accessible price.
  • Flavor Profile: Rich, smooth, with moderate brightness.
  • Packaging Sizes: Commonly in 2 lb bags.
  • Roast Type: Medium roast.
9. Magnum Exotics Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

10. Coffee Traders 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain

When you’re seeking an authentic and high-quality coffee experience, Coffee Traders’ 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee stands out as a premium choice. Sourced directly from the slopes of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, this product ensures that you get an unadulterated taste of one of the world’s most renowned coffee regions.

  • Aroma: Floral and nutty overtones
  • Flavor: Balanced with mild sweetness
  • Aftertaste: Clean with a subtle fruity note
  • Origin: Blue Mountains, Jamaica
  • Type: 100% Arabica beans
  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Available Forms: Whole bean or ground
10. Coffee Traders 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain

11. Coffee Roasters of Jamaica

For over sixteen years, Coffee Roasters of Jamaica has proudly presented Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to the world, underlining its deep connection with Country Traders. With more than 27 years of experience in roasting and distributing Jamaica Blue Mountain along with other distinguished Jamaican coffees, Country Traders has become synonymous with excellence.

Known for its harmonious acidity and smooth taste devoid of bitterness, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is esteemed as one of the premier coffees worldwide. Hence, Coffee Roasters of Jamaica stands as a beacon of Jamaica’s illustrious coffee tradition, showcasing one of the world’s most coveted coffee types.

  • Bean Type: Uses typical arabica coffee beans, known for their larger size and higher quality.
  • Authenticity: Produces 100% authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.
  • Roasting and Processing: Meticulously processed and roasted to the highest standards, avoiding industrialized production methods.
  • Roasting Technique: Utilizes small gas fired roasters, closely monitored by dedicated workers.
  • Flavor Profile: Offers a subtle and multi-layered taste that is both interesting and complex.
  • Recognition: CRJ’s Blue Mountain coffee is globally known for its full-bodied flavor and distinctive aroma.
11. Coffee Roasters of Jamaica

The Allure of Jamaican Coffee

Jamaican coffee stands tall in the world of brews, with its rich taste rooted in a heritage of meticulous cultivation and regulation. We’ll explore the backstory and the effort that goes into every bean.

Historical Roots and the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica

The Birth of a Coffee Legacy: Jamaican coffee beans have danced across taste buds since the 18th century. Sir Nicholas Lawes introduced coffee to Jamaica in 1728, setting the stage for a rich brewing tradition.

Our pride swells as we speak of the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, established in the 1950s. This body ensures that every bean meets the sky-high standards that coffee connoisseurs expect.

Safeguarding the Brew 

The Jamaican Coffee Industry Board later transformed into the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority, which remains steadfast in its mission.

The Authority makes sure our coffee keeps its world-renowned status. Authenticity and quality are at the forefront of their work, molding the great taste that flows from our hills to your cup.

Coffee Plantations and the Blue Mountains of Jamaica

Where Magic Meets Soil

The lush canvas of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica cradles our coffee plantations. This eastern region of Jamaica whispers stories of meticulous care and perfect growing conditions—an elevation above 2,000 feet, cool climate, and a rich mix of rain and mountain mist.

These plantations are where the world’s beloved Jamaican coffee blooms amidst mother nature’s tender embrace.

Only the Best Beans Make the Cut

Each plantation follows rigorous standards to cultivate beans that are not only delicious but also consistent in their quality.

The revered Blue Mountain region is known for beans that promise a uniquely smooth taste with a mild flavor—an experience that is sought after globally.

Understanding Coffee Industry Regulation Act

Laying Down the Law for Luscious Brews

The Coffee Industry Regulation Act governs how we grow, reap, and ready the coffee beans for sale. It assures that you get the real deal in every cup of Jamaican coffee you sip.

The act delineates clear processes, from planting to export, enabling the legacy of Jamaican coffee to flourish under meticulous stewardship.

Assuring Quality, Cup After Cup

Under this act, roasters play by a set of rules dedicated to maintaining the exceptional standards for which Jamaican coffee is known.

From the farmers to the roasters, the Coffee Industry Regulation Act binds all in a commitment to excellence. Our collective efforts result in a brew that is as satisfying as it is authentic.

Indulging in Jamaican coffee is not just about caffeine—it’s an adventure for the senses, anchored in tradition and shielded by strict regulations. 

Jamaican Coffee Varieties

Jamaican coffee is a world-renowned treasure that is celebrated for its rich flavors and superior quality. We’ll explore the crème de la crème of Jamaican coffee varieties that coffee entWe’llsts adore.

Blue Mountain Coffee – The Premium Choice

Authentic Blue Mountain coffee reigns as the king of Jamaican coffee. Grown in a precise geographical region, its reputation for excellence is not just talk.

The best Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee boasts a full-bodied flavor with smooth chocolate notes and a lack of bitterness. Recognizing the real deal means looking for the JBM certification and ensuring you’re sipping on the genuine article.

High Mountain Supreme and Other Blends

Hiyou’rentain Supreme is another gem amongst Jamaican coffee varieties. Not as famous as its Blue Mountain cousin, this blend does not skimp on quality.

It offers a bold cup slightly more acidic than Blue Mountain coffee but still delivers a truly Jamaican coffee experience. Other blends from local regions can be as enchanting, with a range of flavors ranging from spicy to sweet.

Peaberry Coffee – A Unique Delight

Peaberry coffee, loved by connoisseurs for its intensity in flavor, is a Jamaican treasure. These beans are a natural mutation where a single bean develops inside the coffee cherry, forming a richer taste.

As for premium Jamaican coffee, peaberry varieties are often a top pick for those seeking a special kind of coffee journey.

The Art of Coffee Making

When we immerse ourselves in the coffee-making process, we transform green beans into a luxurious cup of Blue Mountain coffee. This journey requires precision, from mastering the French press technique to roasting and brewing your own coffee.

Perfecting Your French Press Technique

A French press unlocks flavors from coffee grounds that other methods can’t. First, we take coarsely ground coffee – about two tablespoons for every six ounces of water. We use water just off the boil, about 195°F to 205°F, to avoid burning the grounds.

We pour the water evenly over the grounds, stir gently, and let it steep for four minutes before plunging. Timing is key here. Practice makes our morning ritual a gateway to unparalleled richness in a cup.

From Green Beans to the Perfect Cup

Roasting our own coffee, especially green beans from distinguished Jamaican brands, allows us to control the flavor profile. We roast the beans until they pop and double in size, then continue until they reach our desired color.

After roasting, we give them time to de-gas, which usually takes about 48 hours. With freshly roasted beans in hand, we grind them for our French press. This ensures that every sip of our Blue Mountain coffee is as fresh and satisfying as possible.

Coffee Roasting and Flavor Profiles

As we explore the best Jamaican coffee brands, we’ll focus on how roasting levels impact the beans and the flavors we cherish in every cup.

Roasting Levels: Medium, Medium-Light, and Beyond

Medium Roast: This roast brings out a balanced richness in flavor. Beans take on a brown color and may have a slight sheen. They offer us a smooth coffee experience with the potential for complex flavor profiles.

Medium-Light Roast: A notch lighter than medium, these beans have more acidity and a more pronounced original flavor. Expect a vibrant taste that includes a mix of fruity and floral notes, bouncing on our palates with a lively spirit.

Identifying a Coffee’s Flavor Notes and Clean Taste

A coffee’s flavor profile unlocks a world of sensory delight. When we think of a rich flavor, we seek notes that dance together to create a memorable impact.

  • Rich Flavor: Think deep, syrupy sweetness paired with a luxurious, velvety body.
  • Clean Taste: Reflects a clear, crisp finish, leaving our taste receptors refreshed—often associated with high-quality processing and roasting methods.

We find nuances like chocolate or caramel in medium roasts, while medium-light often showcases bright, fruity twists. Reading the roast and tasting notes on the bag can give us clues before we even brew. Enjoy discovering a variety of flavor notes as you sip your way through Jamaica’s finest selections.

Exclusive Jamaican Coffee Brands

In this selection, we’ll introduce you to some of the most exclusive and premium coffee brands from Jamaica. These brands represent the pinnacle of coffee excellence and cater to discerning coffee lovers worldwide.

Volcanica Coffee and Green Coffee Traders

Volcanica Coffee offers an exquisite experience for coffee enthusiasts seeking the rich and luxurious taste of Jamaican coffee. They specialize in roasting gourmet Arabica beans that result in a smooth cup with delightful hints of sweetness.

Green Coffee Traders is dedicated to providing some of the finest beans. Their commitment to quality ensures every sip is full-bodied and brimming with character, making it a top pick for exclusive coffee offerings.

Wallenford Estate and Clifton Mount

Wallenford Estate stands among Jamaica’s oldest and most renowned coffee estates. It produces coffee that is celebrated for its mild yet remarkably rich flavor, earning its place on our list of exclusive Jamaican coffee brands.

Clifton Mount, set in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Jamaica, is recognized for crafting premium coffee with a unique flavor profile. The estate’s dedication to sustainable practices adds to the allure of its exceptional coffee.

Top Picks for Coffee Connoisseurs

For coffee connoisseurs, selecting the best beans is vital to enjoying the perfect cup. Our top picks include brands like Volcanica Coffee and Wallenford Estate, which not only present the esteemed flavors of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee but also embody the spirit of Jamaica’s rich coffee heritage.

To ensure a delightful coffee experience, we recommend beans from Clifton Mount for those who seek a touch of floral and chocolate notes in their brew. These exclusive coffee brands are a testament to the luxurious complexity of Jamaican coffee.

Preserving Quality and Specialty Labels

In this section, we’ll explore how maintaining high standards during the coffee production process ensures the excellence of Jamaican coffee and the significance of the Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) label.

Quality Control in the Coffee Production Process

The journey to preserving the high quality of Jamaican coffee starts right from the farm. Our team monitors every step, from the selection of coffee cherries to the final packaging.

Quality control is vital at each phase to uphold the specialty coffee status. This process includes handpicking ripe cherries, careful drying, and precise roasting. We ensure all these steps meet specific criteria to be labeled as high-quality coffee.

Understanding the Special Status of JBM Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee isn’t just coffee; it’s a premium experience. This coffee garners its special stisn’tfrom its uniquit’sowing conditions and limited production area. Only coffee grown in the Blue Mountain range of Jamaica can be called JBM coffee.

The special status of JBM coffee is protected by certification marks, which guarantee that consumers are getting the real deal—authentic, high-quality beans with a rich, smooth flavor that’s famous worldwide.

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