I’m Hunter Miyazaki

Just someone who indulges in all the best food, and drinks way too much coffee and wine.

For me, it all started when I was young, growing up in an Japanese Australian family there was always great food around. Over the years this evolved into a little cafe in Melbourne and now this food blog, where we explore absolutely everything there is to do. I want to use this platform as a medium to share all my knowledge with you about anything delicious and related to enjoying the complex world of food.

There’s no point in living, unless we’re here to enjoy food. I’ve lived by this statement my whole life, and all my greatest memories involve surrounding a table with the people closest to me and something delicious.

My food culture is deeply rooted in Japanese and Italian cuisine in my earlier years, but my curiosity has allowed me to grow my palate to explore anything and everything, from Cantonese to Middle-Eastern.

I truly believe that no singular cuisine is the greatest, whilst there are some diverse ones out there that I can relate to more than others, the best experiences have been at the basic roots of a cuisine or a fusion of many.

The aim of this blog is to educate and inspire, so I hope throughout my articles you learn something new or find a new way to do something. I appreciate you coming to check out whatever brought you here and wish you all the best for your future culinary experiences. Thanks for reading!