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How Much is a Splash: Unlock The Secrets Of Kitchen Lingo

When it comes to cooking and mixing drinks, understanding recipe language can be a bit confusing. One common term you might come across is “splash” – but how much is a splash, exactly? Knowing the measurement is crucial to ensure your recipes turn out just right.

A splash is commonly agreed upon to be between half a teaspoon and a tablespoon of liquid. I guess you can say it’s less than a drizzle but more than a dash. In recipes, a splash is often called for when you need to add a small yet significant amount of liquid to your dish or drink.

It’s important to remember that less is typically better than more when it comes to splashes. Try starting small and then adding more if needed. Let’s dive into how much is a splash and everything around it.

Key Points

  • Splash is a term used in cooking and bartending to describe a small yet important liquid measurement.
  • A splash typically falls between half a teaspoon and a tablespoon of liquid.
  • When using a splash in recipes or drinks, it’s best to start small and add more if necessary.

Defining How Much Is A Splash

A splash is a small amount of liquid that can make your dishes more enjoyable. It’s a versatile term, often used in recipes and everyday conversation. In cooking, a splash typically refers to a quantity between half a teaspoon and a tablespoon.

When you want to add a splash to your recipe, it is very important to remember that less is better than more. This will help you avoid going overboard with the liquid that you’re splashing on or into your food/drink. Keep in mind that the size of a splash may vary depending on the recipe and the container you’re using.

Adding a splash helps to enhance the flavors and textures of the dishes you prepare. For instance, a splash of lemon juice can add that perfect tanginess to your favorite sauces, while a splash of cream can give you the desired smoothness in your coffee.

A splash is an imprecise measurement, so don’t worry too much about being exact. Use your judgment and intuition when incorporating a splash into your recipes. The more you do it, the more you’ll become comfortable and experienced in nailing the right amount with practice.

Splash Measurements and Variations

In this section, we’ll explore the different measurements and variations of a splash used in cooking and bartending. Understanding these will give you the confidence to whip up delightful dishes and drinks.

Teaspoon and Tablespoon

When a recipe calls for a “splash” of an ingredient, it usually means a small amount – So, how much is a splash? Well, I like to say it’s more than a dash but less than a drizzle. Keep in mind:

  • Less is more: It’s always better to start with a smaller amount and add more if needed.
  • Adjust to taste: Depending on your preference, you might want to add a little more or less than the suggested splash.


If you prefer metric measurements, you can think of a splash as falling between 2.5ml (half a teaspoon) and 15ml (a tablespoon). Remember these tips when converting to milliliters:

  • Conversion guide: 1 teaspoon is equal to 5ml, and one tablespoon is equal to 15ml.
  • Precision: Use a measuring tool like a small syringe or pipette to accurately measure out the milliliters for a splash. Although, it’s done more on the fly rather than actually measuring the amounts out.


For those who like working with fluid ounces, a splash might be considered as approximately 1/10 to 1/2 of an ounce. Keep these pointers in mind when using ounces:

  • Conversion guide: 1 fluid ounce equals 30ml, and there are two tablespoons (or six teaspoons) in 1 fluid ounce.
  • Trial and error: It’s important to taste and adjust when mixing drinks.

Now that you better understand splash measurements in teaspoons, milliliters, and ounces, your culinary and bartending adventures just got a lot more enjoyable and precise!

Usage in Recipes

Cocktails and Drinks

A splash might seem ambiguous when preparing cocktails or other mixed drinks, but it’s easier to understand with experience. You’ll find it helpful to pour from the bottle, and just as the liquid begins to flow, pull back.

You likely have the right splash amount if you hear a “glug” sound generated by air rushing back into the container. You can also practice by pouring the bottle into a container with some measurements on the side and repeating till your muscle memory figure out how much a splash is.

Cooking and Baking

As you venture into cooking and baking, the term splash might appear in recipes without a precise measurement. Similar to cocktails and drinks, a splash in cooking also refers to the measurements we mentioned in the previous section.

Here’s a tip for you: when adding a splash, consider the size of the container you’re using, as it may influence the amount you pour. Remember that a splash is meant to be a small quantity, so err on the side of caution. Wise usage of splashes will make your recipes more delicious.

Understanding Recipe Language

As a cook, it’s essential to understand recipe language to ensure your dishes turn out just right. Aside from a splash, which we’ve already covered in depth, you might also come across terms like “pinch” or “dash” in various recipes. But what do they mean?

Dash: A dash refers to a quick shake of a liquid or spice, roughly translating to ⅛ teaspoon. If you don’t want to get too specific with measurements, simply give your container a swift movement to release a small portion into your recipe.

Pinch: When a recipe you’re following mentions a pinch, it means you should grab the ingredient between your thumb and forefinger, resulting in a tiny amount. This typically equates to about 1/16 teaspoon. With some practice, you’ll become an expert at using pinches for seasoning your creations.

Don’t stress about perfect precision with these informal terms. Over time, you’ll develop a better feel for gauging these amounts. Recipes using these terms can be forgiving, allowing you to develop your instincts as a cook and adjust quantities to your taste.

Wrapping Up How Much Is a Splash For Any Recipe?

In your cooking adventures, you will encounter the term “splash” in recipes or when making cocktails. It’s a casual term, often leaving you with some questions about the exact amount.

Well, worry no more! A splash typically refers to a small amount of liquid, roughly equivalent to around 2.5ml (half a teaspoon) and 15ml (a tablespoon).

Measuring a splash can be a bit tricky, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Try filling a 5-milliliter measuring cup halfway with the liquid for a more accurate splash. Remembering that a little can go a long way, so starting with a smaller amount and adjusting to your taste is great.

When it comes to using a splash in cocktails, you can rely on a similar technique. Remembering this will help you prepare delicious drinks that strike the right balance.

So now, when you come across “splash” in a recipe or while making a cocktail, you’ll better understand how much to use. Embrace the opportunity to try new flavors and continue refining your skills. Enjoy experimenting and happy cooking/bartending!

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