is excited to unveil our latest venture into the world of fine pastries and philanthropy with the acquisition of The Macaron Day initiative. Originating in Paris in 2005 by the illustrious pastry chef Pierre Hermé, Macaron Day has grown into an international celebration of these delicate confections, aimed at supporting charitable causes across the globe.

Spearheaded by members of the esteemed Relais Desserts group, this event unites top-tier pastry chefs from France, Europe, and beyond, all dedicated to the craft of making exquisite macarons. Join us in celebrating the artistry and generosity that Macaron Day brings to communities worldwide, right here on

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What Is Jour Du Macaron All About?

Macaron Day, initiated by Pierre Hermé in 2005, is a unique event where participating bakeries, primarily from the Relais Desserts group, offer guests a complimentary macaron. Visitors are encouraged to make a donation to a designated charity in return. This tradition sees French patisseries contributing the collected donations to a selected charitable organization each year.

Pierre Hermé, the renowned French chef, delves into the allure of this beloved French confectionery, describing: “Macarons only weigh a few grams, but that’s enough to leave your senses quivering with pleasure. Their thin, crisp shell, slightly rounded shape, tempting colours and tender interiors draw devotees to devour them with their eyes, and caress their smooth surface. Their flavours solicit the nose and, when one bites into that crisp shell, the ears tingle with pleasure and the palate is finally rewarded.”

When Is Jour Du Macaron?

Jour du Macaron in Paris is celebrated annually on March 20th, marking the first day of Spring, a date that aligns with global celebrations, notably in New York. In 2024, Pierre Hermé will commemorate the 19th Jour du Macaron. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Pierre Hermé’s exquisite boutiques, indulge in delightful treats, and contribute to a charitable cause.

New York also joins the celebration: Starting in 2010, François Payard, the chef behind François Chocolate Bar and François Payard Bakery in New York, launched the city’s first Macaron Day. Macaron Day NYC draws inspiration from and is held simultaneously with Paris’s Jour du Macaron, in collaboration with Relais Desserts.

The goal is to back a charity dedicated to combating a rare disease by contributing a portion of the proceeds.

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The acquisition of marks a significant expansion of our culinary endeavors at By welcoming this renowned event into our portfolio, we’re not just enhancing our presence in the global gourmet scene but also aligning with our vision to deliver unparalleled culinary knowledge.

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