is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our family of gourmet websites: Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar. Located at the heart of Manila’s vibrant culinary scene in Bonifacio Global City, this esteemed steakhouse is renowned for its exceptional dining experience.

What Is Raging Bull Chophouse All About?

Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar offers more than just your ordinary steakhouse fare. Diners can indulge in a wide selection of prime dry-aged, grain-fed, and grass-fed beef, all customized to personal preferences. The menu also features an array of grilled items, including fresh seafood and gourmet comfort food, catering to a variety of tastes.

Commitment to a Safe Environment

  • Safe In Our Hands: Rigorous sanitation of the restaurant and equipment, combined with strict food safety protocols, guarantees the cleanliness and quality of every item served.
  • Checking In On You: We conduct temperature checks and require a digital Health Declaration Form upon entry, as part of our comprehensive contact tracing measures.
  • Dine at a Distance: Tables are spaced at least 1.5 meters apart to ensure safe distancing, and similar measures are applied to guests queuing or waiting.
  • Cover Up: In line with the Department of Health’s guidelines, wearing face masks is mandatory for entry, although they can be removed while dining.

Our Mission Moving Forward

With the acquisition of Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar, expands its horizons in the food and beverage industry, offering our readers an even broader spectrum of gourmet experiences. Located at Level 3, Shangri-La The Fort, Manila, this addition underscores our commitment to bringing the best of global culinary delights to your fingertips.

While I believe the Shangri-La based restaurant still exists, but with more of a focus on burgers now, we will definitely aim to keep the legacy of one of the most epic steakhouses in the Philippines alive.

In 2023, the website was purchased and became part of the group of food and beverage-related websites, this group also includes, and Aiming to provide the latest and most useful information about all food and beverages.

Below are some of our latest articles, and as we move forward I will put more of a focus on the types of articles people seeking out steakhouses like Raging Bull Chophouse would love to see. Part of our focus is to create a one-stop resource where people from around the world can find out anything they want to know about steakhouses along side everything we write about food. Let’s get things started with “Is it possible to steam a steak?