has recently acquired, a renowned platform dedicated to assisting food service operators in adopting eco-friendly practices. This acquisition enhances’s commitment to sustainability by offering valuable information and operational support for those interested in environmentally conscious food services.

What Did Sustainable Food Service Focus On?

They concentrated on a range of eco-conscious themes, including green cleaning practices, the use of biodegradable products, energy efficiency strategies, sustainable equipment, effective management of fats, oils, and grease, repurposing food waste for animal feed, and innovative approaches to composting, donation, and vermicomposting.

Additionally, they delve into optimizing HVAC systems, enhancing lighting efficiency, embracing renewable energy sources, implementing waste reduction measures, and promoting water conservation techniques.

Our Mission Moving Forward

While there’s endless amounts of information around food sustainability, we’d love to keep the memory of their passion for sustainability alive for as long as possible through providing even more information online in our future articles.

In 2023, the website was purchased and became part of the group of food and beverage-related websites, this group also includes and Aiming to provide the latest and most useful information about all food and beverages.

Below are some of our latest articles, and as we move forward I will put more of a focus on the types of articles people seeking out information around food sustainability would love to see. Part of our focus is to create a one-stop resource where people from around the world can find out anything they want to know about food related sustainability along side everything we write about food. Let’s get things started with “Is Bud light NEXT Gluten Free?