has now acquired the website which was known as a beer lovers’ paradise in Thailand. The Tasting Room was a bar made by the Danish micro-brewery Mikkeller. Not only was it a place for foreigners and locals to enjoy up to 30 different craft beers on tap, but it’s also a beer store that you can go and buy from their offering of curated craft beers from across the globe, they also provided a service for home delivery.

Tasting Room BKK by Mikkeller

While Mikkeller still exists, especially in Bangkok, I believe they’ve re-branded their online presence, hence why we’ve acquired, as their site is no longer operational, and we’d love to keep the memory of their passion for craft beers alive for as long as possible.

In 2023, the website was purchased and became part of the group of food and beverage-related websites, this group also includes Aiming to provide the latest and most useful information about all food and beverages.

Below are some of our latest articles that we’re sure people who are seeking out the Tasting Room BKK and their beers would love to see. Part of our focus is to create a one-stop resource where people from around the world can find out anything they want to know about craft beers along side everything we write about food. Let’s get things started with “Is Bud light NEXT Gluten Free?

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